Sights and Scenes of Japan
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Breath-taking landscapes, magnificent ancient shrines and temples, lively cities with ultra-modern architecture and a unique somewhat mysterious culture make Japan one of the most popular tourist destinations in Asia. A life-long interest in Japan and its culture by the author/photographer have crystallized into the pages of this book. Beautifully edited, this book showcases some of the most commanding sights and striking scenes of this fascinating country. Hence Sights and Scenes of Japan reveals in a visual way the true spirit of Japan. More than 180 stunning full colour photos on high quality paper Eleven double page panoramic photos Specially brushed calligraphy for the titles of the chapters All photos accompanied by interesting text A separate chapter covers the four seasons Concise history and timeline Hardcover with beautiful dustjacket 'Sights and Scenes of Japan' is a book every lover of this country would like to have on his or her coffee table. Ideally before making the trip, alternatively as a great souvenir after having visited Japan.
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