Terrence Donovan: Fashion
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Terence Donovan was part of the English movement in fashion photography in the sixties and, together with Bailey and Duffy, was a photographer who made the world look at London for inspiration. His refusal to conform to expectation turned the fashion world on its head and left a lasting impact on fashion photography today. Born in East London in 1936 to a working-class family, Donovan opened his first photographic studio in 1959, and soon became known for doing things that were edgy and original. Terence Donovan: Fashion is a celebration of his best fashion photography, from his ground-breaking work in the sixties to his famous supermodel shots of the nineties. Beloved by fashion magazines, from Vogue to Elle, Marie-Claire and Harper's Bazaar, Terence Donovan had been at the top of his profession for over thirty years when he died in 1996. This is a stylish gift book containing some of his most famous shots, perfect for anyone who loves his work, and lovers of fashion photography.
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