Always New: The Posters of Jules Cheret
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Features works from the largest collection of Jules Cheret art in the US- Over 100 posters illustrated in full color Always New: The Posters of Jules Cheret highlights the role that French artist Jules Cheret (1836-1932) played in transforming the illustrated poster into a form of ephemeral art that embraced the public's interest in novelty and rapid change during the 19th century. Recognized as the father of the poster, Cheret was one of the first artists to bring colorful, large-scale advertisements to the streets of Paris. People strolling down the boulevards were captivated not only by Cheret's vibrant images, but also by how frequently new designs appeared. Cheret's printmaking innovations allowed him to produce astonishing numbers of posters rapidly and inexpensively enough to publicize the latest pleasures the city had to offer. Drawing from the largest collection of Cheret posters in the United States, the book features over 100 works that span the artist's career and includes both his most celebrated and lesser-known images. Always New brings Cheret into focus as a master of his medium, an artist who celebrated the ephemeral nature of posters and shaped the way they were created and experienced.
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