James Boyd Niven. Interior Design
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The first book from British-Argentinian interior designer and creative director James Boyd Niven, merging South American cultural and historical references to produce youthful, vibrant design. This elegant monograph presents the story of the designer’s boutique firm, James Boyd Niven Design. With five chapters divided by theme and geographical location (Urban/Buenos Aires, Rural/Campo, Austral/Patagonia, Hospitality/Montevideo, and Beach–Horseback riding/Jose Ignacio, Uruguay), the book features multiple homes illustrating each style through a coherent and amicable aesthetic. The aromas and flavors of these regions are compounded in this book to illustrate the varied South American lifestyles and cultures. A section highlights table settings designed to complement the projects and to tell a story through the five senses. Classic and timeless photographs showcase standout properties, including Boyd Niven’s own 12-room house in the Palermo Hollywood area of Buenos Aires, the farmhouses he has completed in Argentina and Uruguay, and the 100-room luxury hotel he recently designed in Montevideo. Boyd Niven’s projects embody a chic, contemporary sensibility through the creative reuse of traditional design elements. Lastly, to complement the interiors illustrated throughout the book and position them within a historical and cultural framework, the projects are interwoven with artistic vistas of well-known city blocks, buildings, and landscapes.
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