Roy Lichtenstein
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Published to mark the centennial of Lichtenstein’s birth, this retrospective volume is brimming with brilliant reproductions that highlight the entirety of the artist’s oeuvre. It features the acclaimed works that helped establish 1960s pop art—panels inspired by comic strips and advertising, which send up societal stereotypes. It looks at his pioneering use of painted benday dots and carefully drawn and in-filled brushstrokes, his interiors and landscapes, re-stagings of still lifes, his expansion into sculpture and ceramics, and works that pay homage to famous artists such as Picasso, Monet, and Van Gogh. Throughout this magnificent catalog readers will come to appreciate not only Lichtenstein’s vibrant and dynamic use of color, line, and texture, but also how his continuing confrontation with the visual language of popular culture and consumerism continues to resonate today.
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