Charles the Bold. Splendours of the Burgundian (1433-1477)
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Charles the Bold (1433-77), Duke of Burgundy, became one of Europe's wealthiest sovereigns. Coveting the imperial throne, he strove to reach his goal by marrying his daughter Maria to Maximilian, son of the Emperor. But he fell victim to his own ambition. In 1476, at the battles of Grandson and Morat, he was crushed by the forces of the Swiss Confederation. He died in combat near Nancy in 1477. That same year, his daughter Maria married Maximilian, the future Holy Roman Emperor. Thus the House of Burgundy was absorbed by that of Habsburg, which thereafter controlled an empire on which the sun never set. This book reveals the remarkable works of art that once adorned the Burgundian court and which retrace the dramatic life of Charles the Bold. Relive the glorious era of medieval art, discover the splendours of chivalry and the sumptuous court occasions - as well as the horrors of warfare, the fall of Charles and the emergence of the House of Habsburg as a world power.
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