The Concise Art of Seduction
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When we fall in love, we fall into a kind of Enchantment. Our mind, generally preoccupied with its own problems, only thinks about being loved. The hypnotized being surrenders to the will of the one who seduced him. Seducers are those people who know the tremendous power contained in these moments of absolute surrender. The art of seduction — concise Edition, written by Robert Greene and in collaboration with designer Joost Elffers, gives the reader the opportunity to learn the legacy of the greatest seducers of civilization — from John F. Kennedy to Napoleon Bonaparte, from Pablo Picasso to Cleopatra. For Greene, the act of seducing is rational and can be developed. For this it is necessary to know your own seductive features. Then it is essential to study the victim who will be seduced. Nine types make up the panel of key seducers described by Robert Greene. And the author proposes self-knowledge as a goal so that the potential of seduction is fully realized. After mapping the most striking personalities, the author instructs how to act so that the victim fully and unconditionally surrenders. The great advantage of a summarized work is that it goes straight to the point. The quotes and comments of famous thinkers on the subject remained. The reader can delight in the phrases, comments and examples of philosophers and writers such as Ovid, Nietzsche, Plutarch, Soren Kierkegaard, Sthendal and Virginia Woolf. The ironic and amusing text of Robert Greene builds a strategy manual for those who wish to improve themselves in the art of love conquest. And that it will also be useful in other sectors of life in which seduction is fundamental.
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