Catch 22
Нет на складе
About the bookin the wake of world war ii, captain john yossarian is a bombardier in the 256th squadron of the army air forces located on the island of pianosa, in the mediterranean sea. The squadron has been assigned to bomb enemy posts in eastern france and italy. But in a raid over avignon in july, a comrade gets killed during a bombing run, leaving yossarian in severe trauma. Yossarian tries his best to stay on the ground and far away from flying as possible. While time passes, many men are sent home for rest and recovery — more men around yossarian succumb to violent deaths. Yossarian only wishes to survive the war as he is convinced that everyone from the germans to his superior officers are attempting to kill him. He plans to return home after his last mission due to the dangers involved, but colonel cathcart assigns more and more missions for him and his men in his squadron. Will yossarian find a way to escape this mad world he is stuck in? or will he find his way at the bottom of a bloody grave?
нет на Тверской
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