20th Century Photography
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From Ansel Adams to Piet Zwart The Museum Ludwig's handbook of photography in the 20th century "Defining images of photographic art in this century which kept me turning the 750+ pages with enthusiasm for many an hour." —Photo Art International, United Kingdom The history of photography began nearly 200 years ago, but only relatively recently has it been fully recognised as a medium in its own right. Cologne’s Museum Ludwig was the first museum of contemporary art to devote a substantial section to international photography. The L. Fritz Gruber collection, from which this book is drawn, is one of the most important in Germany and one of the most representative anywhere in the world, constituting the core of the museum’s holdings. This book provides a fascinating insight into the collection’s rich diversity; from conceptual art to abstraction to reportage, all of the major movements and genres are represented via a vast selection of the century’s most remarkable photographs. From Ansel Adams to Piet Zwart, over 850 works are presented in alphabetical order by photographer, with descriptive texts and photographers’ biographical details, providing a comprehensive and indispensable overview of 20th century photography. Edited by the Museum Ludwig Cologne The authors: Reinhold Mi?elbeck, Marianne Bieger-Thielemann, Gerard A. Goodrow, Lilian Haberer, Ute Prollochs, Anke Solbrig, Thomas von Taschitzki, and Nina Zschocke.
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