Led Zeppelin Live 1975-1977
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"They were pure rock — and I never saw a band perform quite like they did. They owned the stage and each member had their own special and specific contribution. And to see them live — to capture those moments onstage — well, it was like watching kings surveying their kingdom. Their kingdom was the stage." — Terry O Neill Four men took the stage for the very first time. Their first gig was in a basement below a record shop, but at the peak of their success, they played to over 50 000. An early manager commented that the band would go down like 'a lead balloon'. The 'a' was dropped and 'zeppelin' substituted, and out of an insult, Led Zeppelin was born. Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones, John Bonham and Robert Plant were all experienced and respected musicians in their own right. When they formed a band, they transformed the way we listen to rock. But it wasn't just their music that would shake the world. Their performances left millions with the memories of a lifetime.
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